Kylie and Jeffree


Audrey Whalen

Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star lipstick

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star have made the hottest new products this year. But are the products really what you are paying for?

Kylie Jenner is a very popular influencer in today’s world. Her makeup line has been improving since launched in 2016, according to Kylie Cosmetics, but some say she doops color pop.

I mean, nothing sticks out about them. My Kylie lipstick smells like vanilla which is nice but it’s the same quality as my colourpop with is a fraction of the price,” senior Julia Robinson said.

Color pop is another makeup source that is online. Color pop has lipsticks, eyeshadow, and lots more. The do not charge as much as Kylie would.

“It is expensive, but high quality, Kylie has lots more color choices too,” freshman Kennedy Shoemaker said.

Jeffree Star is a male who creates makeup and makeup looks. He sells highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, and lip ammunition. Jeffree has been doing makeup for a very long time but his career as a successful makeup artist started in 2015, according to Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

“I love his highlighters, they are so bright and pretty,” sophomore Sophia Glittner said.

Jeffree and Kylie both fight for the spotlight on who drops the best pallet. They both put out a Christmas collection. Kylie’s collection has two eye shadow pallets, four lip kits, three lip glosses and a emerald green bag, all for the price of $250. Jeffree released eight lip ammunitions and that is $105.

“Kylie’s Holiday Collection is not that bad considering how much makeup she offers in the bundle. She is not robbing anyone blind. But Jeffree charging that much for eight little lipsticks is outrageous. There is no way I am paying for that when I can go to Color Pop,” senior Mary Johnson said.

Kylie and Jeffree will continue to put out makeup as long as the market is still interested. So, are you interested