Marvel vs. D.C.

Audrey Whalen, Reporter


Spider-man or Batman? Justice League or Avengers? The two main comic sources are Marvel and D.C. Many people battle that one is surpassing the other. Timberland weighs in on their thoughts.

The two superhero comics are set in different worlds, making a huge difference between the two. The powers all the superheroes have are also looked at differently. In the marvel movies the superheroes powers are treated as a curse and something they can not control. In D.C. the powers are treated more as a blessing. The characters are called to action and embrace their powers.

“The Avengers is way better at least they have super powers. Batman does nothing,” freshman Jackson Lynch said  

A good storyline is what makes a good superhero and in D.C the characters are born with their powers. Marvel “freaks” go through a major event/tragedy to get their powers.

“Avengers are better than D.C. because they go more in depth with their character building,” sophomore Amelia Osborne said.

In the films the directors of the D.C movies, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, have been taking it to the moody side and their films are darker than the Marvel movies. Marvel focuses on the comedy. They make everything a joke.

“Avengers is more realistic than Justice league because they take real life events and make something good,” senior Cassidee Wakefield said.

If the two were to combine and make a movie of the two worlds fighting, it could potentially cause some issues. Superman can only be taken out by Kryptonite, thor is a demigod and can not be taken out,  and nobody can touch the hulk.

“Thor or the hulk would be the only people to stop superman,” junior Jake Smith.The superhero conflict is one that will continue to go on.