Sean Rhymes, Senior

I am sleep deprived



I haven’t slept in the past 48 hours

My body is yelling to just stop

My mind is pushing doors down

As my body is literally kicking down doors

Every hour is a daze

Last thing was a run

A run that involved 15 miles

Running through the fields, through gravel  

Running from the weakness

Dropping like flies

Weakness is leaving

Weakness leaving and pain replacing it

Feeling good

Feeling bad

We stop, running in place

Stuff falling

Falling from people rucksacks

Making the 60-pound ruck


Lighter than air

Jumping jacks

Making you wish you never started

Throwing your hands and rucksack up

Then throwing down

Stopping, wondering if this will stop

The pain starts to numb


Running with more weight than you thought you can run with

Your body almost forcing you to quit

Your mind telling it to push just little more


Knowing you have another 15 miles

Knowing there’s a end