KarJenner Pregnancies

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

There have been lots of pregnancy rumors concerning the Kardashians and the Jenners. Are any of them true? Maybe. Out of the KarJenner clan two, Kim and Khloe, are confirmed to be welcoming new members to their family and one still has not confirmed if she is pregnant.

“[I think] Kylie is definitely pregnant. She is not hiding for no reason, she just disappeared, that is not like Kylie,” junior Bailey Stafford said.

 Kim Kardashian West is having her third child, but due to previous complications. This child is being carried by a surrogate.  Kim announced on “Ellen” that she will be expecting a baby girl. Kim has not commented on names for her baby girl yet. Kim and Kanye welcomed their new baby into the world January 15.

“Kim’s baby names are terrible. I hope she lets Kanye have some say because “Saint” and “North” are god awful,” junior Andie Coates said.

Khloe Kardashian is also rumored to be pregnant and on the two-night Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s special her and boyfriend Tristan Thomas told the family the good news. Khloe ,like her sister Kim, is expecting a baby girl.

“I am so happy Khloe is pregnant she seems to be so good with her nieces and nephews. I expect her to be a great mom”, junior Bailey Stafford said.

The youngest, Kardashian, is also rumored to be pregnant as well. Unlike her two half sisters, she has not commented on being pregnant. She is not showing herself to anyone at the moment. Kylie has had brief moments in the public eye, but nothing below her stomach has been shown. She was not on the annual christmas card and some thing that is on example of her hiding her pregnancy. On the Christmas special of KUWTK Kylie was again shown from her chest up. Nothing below the chest was showing, others also think that is a prime example of her hiding something.

“I think it is possible that she could be pregnant and that is why she has not been seen very much recently. There are too many excuses as to why she wasn’t on the card, but being pregnant is definitely one of them,” junior Andie Coates said.