Join Publications!

Need a class to fill up your next year school schedule? Consider publications!


Jon Hall

Members of the 2017-18 yearbook staff, as well as members of Intro to Journalism, pose at the JournalismSTL conference, held at St. Louis University.

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

The deadline for choosing classes is quickly approaching. A great class to join is any one of the classes offered by the publication department. Whether it is newspaper, yearbook, or broadcast, there is a class that is perfect for any student.

“I have been on the yearbook staff for three years. I am an editor, I am responsible for the whole year book basically. The themes, colors, fonts, and deadlines. I also clean up for the other staffers if they don’t do their work, I go in and finish it,” senior Amanda Vannierop said.

The Yearbook staff is mostly photography based. If writing is not a strong suit, join Yearbook!

“I have been on the newspaper staff for two years. I am a reporter. In newspaper, we basically get assigned to write at least three stories every issue. It’s not super stressful but you can not procrastinate,” sophomore Ryan Fredrick said.

Newspaper revolves around the AP Style of writing. If this seems interesting, newspaper may be the class to join.

“I have been on broadcast for only a semester, about three weeks. I am a reporter. I am involved in stories, doing the interviews, and recording videos. I am also an editor and social editor. I take everyone’s videos once finished and add them together. I also plan socials and things like that with the other social editor, Caroline Lemen,” senior Bella Rainey said.

Broadcast mixes writing, photography, and digital editing all in one. If these three things combined are calling to you, consider joining Broadcast!

All three of these classes are not just about the class themselves. The experience in all these classes are what make them the most fun and memorable.

“The best thing about Yearbook is the really close bond that you make with the other staffers between conferences or socials,” Vannierop said.

These classes are very student based, giving the students a chance to all meet new people and get involved. Not only within the classroom, but also to the whole school.

“The best thing about broadcast is knowing that everyone in the whole school gets to see my work once a month,” Rainey said.

All three of these classes are a practical art and a year round class. If you are interested in joining or want more information about these classes, talk to your counselor or Mrs. Hofmann in room 204.