Basketball Senior Night

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Senior night for basketball is tonight. The girls game starting at five and the boys following at seven. This is a chance for the students at Timberland to support the seniors on their last season of athletics in high school.

“Im most excited to share the court with the fellow seniors and compete in what we do best, with the support of our friends and family,” senior Shyamal Patel said.

The game is  will be held in the gym.

“I’m excited to be recognized because its my last year playing and it’s a cool way for it to come to an end,” senior Ashley Raines said.

With the excitement of senior night, also comes memories along with it that will be missed.

“I’ll miss the fun days at practice with my closest teammates and joking around with them. I’ll miss the feeling of a victory and going crazy in the locker room after,” Patel said.

Both the girls and boys basketball teams need all the support they can get.

“Students should come to the game tonight so they can recognize the teams and it’s a fun school spirit activity to get involved in,” Raines said.