School Dances

Audrey Whalen, Reporter


Timberland offers many school dances throughout the year. But the newest school dance was Winter Formal. The formal replaced the Black Light Bubble dance also known as GLOCO.

The black light bubble dance was a dance that had black lights and neon bubble paint. In theory it sounds super cool and fun. But actually pulling it off with a budget and an enormous amount of students attending the dance it does not seem possible. The bubbles would have to reach throughout the whole cafeteria and the amount of black lights needed would be very expensive.

Replacing this dance with Winter Formal was voted for on Twitter. The students wanted this dance more than the other. But pulling off a dance that was not the same as homecoming is also a challenge. Homecoming is a dance that most kids go to if not all four years, at least once, it is the dance everyone can go too and is a time for teens to get all dressed up.

Prom is reserved for juniors and seniors as a special dance that is not at the school and has “better music”.  School dances are overrated. Having a bunch of sweaty kids shoved in one area all trying to do the newest dances does not sound like fun. The fun part of it is getting dressed up, going to a fancy dinner and taking pictures.

Having a date to a school dance does not deserve the hype it gets. Having a date just means spending more money, buying a corsage or boutonniere. That stuff is not cheap and then paying for two tickets and the dates dinner. It is all overrated, but so is “you will have more fun with your friends”, which is true the dance is more fun, but the dance in general is not that fun.

Looking back on high school in ten years somebody will not remember how fun homecoming was.