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Government Shutdown

Josh Calloni, Reporter

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After a three day shutdown period, the US government is back up and running.

A stopgap bill needed to be passed by Thursday of last week, or another shutdown was to be in order for our government. The bill needed to revolve around DACA and immigration. The shutdown would have to be approved by the government, which it was. The biggest problem with all of this is that the government is running out of funding. The democrats, however, felt as if they found a way around the shutdown. They felt as if they bring a debate over immigration to senate in the coming days, that they will convince the senate to pass a kind of bipartisan legislation, according to vox.com.

“The government shutting down is not a big concern. It happened a few years ago I think and it wasn’t a huge deal. Everything got back up and running rather quickly. I really do think that some of the shutdown can be credited to Donald Trump and the things he says. I think he might be a little too lenient on his costs, and has to pay to fix some of the things he says,” sophomore Jonas Boyle said.

There are a lot of different views coming out from the shutdown, and all situations are covered seemingly. President Trump has rejected the latest proposal to codify DACA into effect. However, senators John McCain and Chris Coons are thinking up a new bill that would help those affected by DACA to find a quicker and easier way to citizenship, as well as a review of national border security. On top of this, senator Dick Durbin believes that a shutdown is likely, and the bill wouldn’t get passed by the Thursday of last weeks deadline. This all played in to the government shutdown.

“The government shutdown is definitely a problem. People might not see it as a problem now, but it will almost definitely spiral into something down the road in my opinion. I think President Trump’s actions could be a reason for this. You can’t really change it now, and I don’t think he’ll change his ways and actions, even after the shutdown,” senior Nick Dye said.

So, what could we expect to see in our daily lives if the government shuts down again? Luckily, it’s not a long process, only a few weeks at most, or a few days at the least. The military would still report for duty everyday, but aren’t paid when the government is shutdown. On top of this, national parks, zoos, and museums are all closed during the shutdown. That would mean the Arch would be closed for the time being, here in St Louis. Mail is still delivered however, government workers are still paid, and the government is still working to get the problem fixed.

The shutdown might of seemed minor to us in daily lives, but it is something to remember, as it it could always happen again.

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Government Shutdown