Should every Monday be a Late Start?

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

It’s scientifically proven that teenage students need an average of eight hours or more of sleep to function efficiently in daily life. According to, adolescents need eight to ten hours or else they can suffer from, depression, obesity, and doing poorly in school.

According to, most adolescents go to bed between 10pm and 12am. This means that school should start at around 8:30 am for students to get their full sleep.

Late starts for the Wentzville district push back the start time to 9:20 am instead of 7:20 am. This lets students rest up from the weekend. Although not every day of the week should start at 9:20 am, making every Monday a late start would be beneficial to students. Students would be more alert, more focused, and more energetic in their school day.

Students have lots of responsibilities outside of school like homework from almost all classes, sports, and jobs. It’s hard for a student to balance their life and sleep out correctly. School starting later on Mondays would be a nice once a week break.

This all is not just the schools issue though. Students need to learn how to manage their time and sleeping habits. Teens should set a set sleeping schedule every night so that they can get as much sleep as they can a night.

Late start Mondays are almost as exciting as snow days, and it would motivate students greatly.