Crazy House Review


Audrey Whalen

The book above is featured in the story below.

Audrey Whalen , Reporter


Crazy House by James Patterson was a wonderful book. It was such a thriller and needing to know what happened next. Usually James Patterson books are not a first choice, it is too science fictiony. But this book had just enough science fiction and crazy to be interesting.The book had a dystopian feel to it without all the hype that genre gets.

The book goes from two different point of views which makes reading it a little harder, but it is interesting to be inside the heads of the twin girls. The “bad” twin mysteriously disappearing helped the “good” twin really break through her insecurities to bring her home. Finding out about the “Crazy House” makes all the strange things happening in town fit together and makes sense on why “mother” went away and never came back. The book had a dystopian feel to it without all the hype that genre gets.

“The sky above me was deep, deep navy and sprinkled with so many stars that all my problems seemed so tiny”, this quote stood out because the book is filled with the girls problems and how hard it is to live on someone’s own without parental figures around. And getting sent to the “Crazy House” just brought on the problems the twins did not need.

The book should become a movie, the action and suspense resembles Hunger Games and that movie was very popular, James Patterson would make lots of money off this movie.