Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Will it happen? Or will it not?


The spice girls after the won an award

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Love the Spice Girls? They are coming back to do a reunion tour in the United Kingdom, according to a British reporter, but according to WD Fashion website Victoria Beckham quoted “Touring with the girls again is premature, it was great seeing them again but there is no tour and no recording” Beckham said.

Rumors have blown up since the false news report and got some people very excited to see the girls perform again. Another website, NME, a British reporting center, Mel B has commented on performing at the royal wedding.  

“The Spice Girls are amazing, and seeing them perform at the Royal Wedding would be such a cool thing. Obviously I can not go to the wedding, but I can watch it on TV,” sophomore Lindsay Kriger said.

The British news website, The Mirror, quoted Beckham stating she wanted to be in complete control over the tour and that if she did not have the control they were not performing. This seems to be very unlikely that Beckham actually said that. She has not made a comment on the news websites report yet either, so it could be a possibility that she said it.

“Victoria Beckham does not seem like the type to need 100 percent control over anything, but watching her with all the fashion influencers I can see why people would think that she wants control,” junior Lauren Penny said.

The only Spice Girl that has recently out out any new music is Leanie C. Her newest album “Version of Me” dropped on Itunes in October of 2016. The album did not do too hot as it was not mention of the billboard top 100.

“I have not heard her album, but if it is anything like what she put out with the Spice Girls I can see why it did not do well. The world loved the Spice Girls when they were out, but they have heard all the teeny bopper stuff,” junior Andie Coates said.

The Spice Girls reunion has been shut down, but that does not mean that in the future there will not be a tour. All the other greatest bands come back and tour, will the Spice Girls?