Snapchat Update


The app’s “mascot” the ghost

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Snapchat updated February 12, and has received  lots of backlash for the update, and rightfully so. Some of people have started petitions to get rid of the new update. Many people want the old snapchat back.

Snapchat changed the way viewers look at stories and the way you post stories.In order to view friends snap stories, and one has to click on the Bitmoji to view the snap. When one is done viewing the snap they must click out or it will go onto the next person’s story without warning. If one follows a celebrity on snapchat, in order to view that story one has to slide over to discover and search through all of the articles to find the snap. The same issue goes for trying to read an article snapchat publishes, like Cosmopolitan or People. It is very annoying and inconvenient. This way of viewing stories makes it much harder to see what the favorite celebrities are up too.

The update is not all bad,  one can mute a story, which is super handy. If someone posts way too much on their story muting them makes them go away. It is super useful, and muting someone who is annoying is genius. Another thing that should stay is the use of Bitmoji. Now snapchat allows one to choose the favorite filter and apply it to the Bitmoji.

Snapchat should revert to previous version because the “old” snapchat was more eye appealing, and it was easier to maneuver. A first time user could figure out how to use the app because it was simply set up. Now the app makes things more complicated; if one is a new user, the app makes a “how to” in order to use the app. But with this update the struggles are real.

Snapchat is a very popular app and if the people want the “old” snapback, snapchat should give the people what they want.  Many started a petition to get “their” snapchat back.