We Do Not Need Another Quentin Tarantino. We Need Another YOU



This is a picture of the director Quentin Tarantino during a conference at Comic Con.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Quentin Tarantino is undeniably one of the best directors in the world, with classics like “Pulp Fiction,” “Reservoir Dogs” and “Django: Unchained.”

Directors who try to copy the style of another great director will just be trapped in their shadow. They will never be as good as the original director and will never be given a chance to flourish.

Filmmakers need to realize they need to be more creative with how their movies are executed, so as they are not too much like another great director. There can only be so many of the same.

Tarantino may have made some of the best films ever, but if another director’s formula for making a great film includes random dialogue that obscurely ties in with the plot and toying with the timeline of the movie, then you need to rethink the creative process because those are Tarantino’s signature skills.

A person knows if they are watching one of the greats’ movies. It is easy to tell if they are watching a Tarantino movie or a Steven Spielberg movie or a Christopher Nolan movie. However, it is easier to know if they are watching a replication of one of these. It seems fake and doesn’t show the artist’s true talent. If a filmmaker makes a replication of one of the  movies with a slightly different name and a different setting, people are going to notice and people are going to get mad.

If someone is going to be apart of a creative medium, they need to be apart of it, which means that they need to find your own spin on it or people are going to think they are unoriginal, boring and exhaustive.

The other side of this argument is that everybody has done everything. While it is hard to be 100 percent original, someone can put their own spin on it to make it feel like their own.

Directors need to be able to put their own spins on things so that they can let their true talent shine through and not be covered by a facade of unoriginality.