Not Going to College is Okay

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Most high schoolers have the image in their mind that they need to graduate high school, move on to a university, and spend the next four years of their lives working towards their career. Good for them, if that’s what an individual inspires to do, but it’s okay to not go to college.

Finding out how to do a trade, or working in the cosmetology industry, or simply doing what you wish, is always another choice. Most students have the stigma that if one does not go to college, than their life will not be as full as theirs. This is not true.

Many famous celebrities, athletes and artists have dropped out of high school and worked there way to the top. Celebs like Johnny Depp, Eminem, Bill Gates, Drake and a long list of many more, never finished high school. Look at them now, they are sitting on multi millions for pursuing a career they love.

Trade jobs come with many benefits, and most make thousands of dollars a year. Most construction workers make $47 dollars an hour, according to Along with the cosmetology industry, most hairdressers and make up artists can up to $64,000 a year.

The stereotypical lifestyle that the education system paints for the adolescent is very small minded. Explore all options out of high school, and see what interests your individual needs and wants for the future. Like the great Dr. Seuss said, “Oh the places you’ll go!”