One Direction Solo Career’s


One Direction performing at their “Take Home Tour”

Audrey Whalen , Reporter


One Direction officially split up in 2015, but in 2014 Zayn Malik left the band. Since then the members, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have all put out individual songs.

“I am really upset that they are not together still. But I am happy that they are putting out new content,” junior Ashley Bertillo said.

Harry Styles’ solo career at first took him away from singing, he starred in the movie “Dunkirk.” The movie is about the soldiers in World War II getting off the island Dunkirk. Historically Dunkirk was the turning point in the war. After the movie, Harry put out a solo album and was the first one to do so from One Direction. The songs are not the teen bopper songs like oNe Direction used to write.

“Harry’s album is fantastic. The songs are so different and they put off an 80’s feel to them. It is more punk rocker than pop,” Bertillo said.

Zayn being the first one to leave had a head start on a solo career. After he split from his long time girlfriend Perrie Edwards, he put out a series of songs, most of them being about his new girlfriend GiGi Hadid. Zayn has one official solo album out but he is dropping hints on his social medias about a new album coming soon.

“Zayn’s first album was subpar. It did not have any special qualities except for the fact he can use dirty language in them,” junior Drue Young said.

Niall Horan has not put out an album yet, but like his fellow bandmate Zayn, he is posting a new album hints. Horan has been featured on many movie soundtracks, including both Fifty Shades movies. His song “This Town” was on the Billboard charts top 100 for three weeks in a row, according to  

“I love Niall’s new album. It is not pop but it is at the same time. It is a more alternative pop and that is my favorite genre to listen too,” Young said.

Louis like the other three has not put out an album yet. But he has several solo songs. He was the first out of the band to announce he was having a baby, his baby was born in February of 2016. The new father has not yet dropped hints about a new album.

“The songs Louis has put out are very teen boppy. He needs to try and branch out like the others have,” Bertillo said.