Titanic Conspiracy Theory

The Titanic Did Not Sink

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Almost everyone knows how the famous ship, The Titanic, sank whether it is from the movie or facts they been taught. But what many do not know is that their is a conspiracy theory ship did not really sink.

The ship, The Titanic, had a sister ship, The Olympic. The two ships were nearly identical, except for a few key differences. The Titanic had eight portholes, while the Olympic had ten. There are pictures of the ship sailing away, not only does it have eight portholes but there are even 10 that can be counted.  

The way that the White Star Line could get away with this is easy, the photographs are wrong. But are they wrong? A ship obviously sank; all those people that lost their lives was not fake. But was it the Olympic? Or was it The Titanic?

The White Star line is famously known around Europe for making extravagant ships, but they were in danger of going bankrupt for that very reason. Robin Gardiner’s theory is that the company was using the two ships as an insurance skam. Most know that the owners of the White Star Line did not make an appearance on the ship for the voyage. The owner’s excuse was that he was sick, but a newspaper in England photographed him with his mistress the very day The Titanic sank, according to conspiracytheory.com

Another big thing that happened to make people believe that the ship was going to sink anyway was the fire that started in the boiler room and continued to burn as the ship took off. The area that did not hold off the water was the exact boiler room where the fire started.

Check out more on this theory at https://social.shorthand.com to form your own opinion.

Author’s Note: This concept is just a theory; it was not the intent to harm anyone or anything.