Kylie’s New Collection

Weather Bundle

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Kylie Kardashian disappeared off social media for six months surrounding to the birth of her baby, Stormi. Now born, Stormi has been cited as the inspiration for Kylie’s new collection, “The Weather Bundle.”

“I love the collection. It is very different than what Kylie usually does,” sophomore Anna Mitchell.

The collection includes two eye shadow pallets, four matte lipsticks, five glitter eyeliners, three highlight pallets and one shimmery lip gloss. The bundle is  normally $280, currently it is 20 percent off. The whole bundle is themed off her daughter’s name.

“I think they best part is the eyeshadow pallet of the collection. Eye of the storm is my favorite out of the two [Calm Before the Storm]. It is a great way to get her name out there after being incognito for nine months. I think the pallet [Eye of the Storm] is definitely outside the box for what she usually puts out there, it really shows how much creativity she puts into her collections,”junior Kaylee Mayes.

The names for the items are based off weather. The first eyeshadow pallet that is a brighter shade is the “Calm Before the Storm”. The pallet has a more pastel look than most of her eyeshadow pallets. The second eyeshadow pallet is called “The Eye of the Storm”, it has the darker colors. Each individual pallet is $40, her most expensive pallet yet.

“The pallets are worth it. They seem to be so high quality and so pigmented, it’s better than paying for the Anastasia pallets which are $50 to $60,” Mitchell said.