Talent at Timberland

Talent Show Flyer
Created by: Bella Rainey

Talent Show Flyer Created by: Bella Rainey

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The Timberland Wolf’s Howling Circus Talent Show is currently in production and will show April 5 and 6, in the Timberland theatre.

“I am a producer for the talent show, along with my co-producer Jessica Spivey, and we do things like make purchase orders and create set lists,” junior Alyssa Biles said.

The theme for this year’s talent show is “Wolf’s Howling Circus” there will be snacks and decor to create a circus era atmosphere for all attendees.

“I do Public Relations for the talent show, so we create flyers and advertise the show, as well as Front of House, which is handing out programs before the show,” junior Audrey Whalen said.

The 15 acts this year include singing, dancing, comedy, language and more.

“I will be speaking several languages for the talent show. I speak Spanish, French, German and Japanese in my skit,” senior Kyle Mongoven said.

All contestants went through one round of auditions after putting in work and preparation for their act.

“I did not do much preparation for my audition, I kind of winged it, but I am happy with the results. I have not been in a talent show since fourth grade and I did not win, so this is me trying to get my redemption,” Mongoven said.

The talent show will showcase different aspects of Timberland’s student body and their varied interests.

“People should be excited to see everyone’s hard work pay off. The performers and the publications department has put a lot of effort into the show and I think everyone will be really impressed,” Biles said.

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