MLB the Show 18 Preview

Blake Haffer, Reporter

It is nearing the end of March, which means it is time for the annual release of the MLB the Show video game for PlayStation 4.  With this year’s new game comes many new features that players will need to explore after the game releases.

One mode in the game modes that has seen change in Diamond Dynasty.  In this mode, players can form a team out of players they have collected through opening packs just like a kid collecting baseball trading cards.  They are also able to improve their team using a community market feature in the mode in which they purchase players using the game’s currency.

Game developers revamped the rating system for legend cards in the mode by raising the maximum rating from 99 to 125 in an attempt to make legends more valuable.  New programs were added which will allow players to work up to and possible earn a new immortal card to use in the game. Other changes made to the mode include the addition of souvenirs such as bobbleheads and autographed baseballs as well as changes to the exchange system.

San Diego Studios, the game developer, also made a lot of changes to the Road to the Show mode.  In this mode, players jump into a situation in which they are a young player that is trying to fight their way to the big leagues.  

Perhaps the biggest change to the mode is the brand new archetype system that sets boundaries to how good your created player can be at a certain skill.  The archetype is the player’s “style” of play. Examples that have been released include power corner, power pitcher, defensive wizard and plain filthy, along with many others.  There have also been changes made to the storyline and it is going to be more of a “carve your path” story where players will not be a highly sought after prospect.

The franchise mode has also been changed for this year’s game, but not in a big way.  This mode is a way for players to take over a team or teams and play games, make trades and sign free agents.  In a livestream video, San Diego Studios explained these changes saying that they created a new “phases” system in order to make sure players complete the needed tasks to get the full experience of the mode.  Online franchise was removed from the game, disabling players from playing the mode with their friends online.

Finally, there are going to be many new legend players coming to the game.  The confirmed additions include Bob Gibson, Vlad Guerrero, Benito Santiago, Frank Thomas, Albert Belle, Trevor Hoffman, Mike Piazza, Lee Smith, Pee Wee Reese and Babe Ruth.  Yes, Babe Ruth will make his long awaited debut to the game.

These, along with many other new additions will be added to MLB the Show 18 which will be released to the public on March 27.