Timberland Students Spring Break

Photos from senior, Kadin McDaniel (Instagram @kadocams) and junior, Kate Meara

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Timberland students have returned back to school after a well deserved spring break. A few students traveled and made the most of their time off school.

“I went to Melbourne Beach in Florida, I have never been before,” junior Kate Meara said.

Whether you went on a vacation, went out of the country, toured around town, or simply stayed home, many students have their different ways of enjoying their break.

“I went to Gulf Shores in Alabama with a few of my best friends, it was my first time,” senior Kadin McDaniel said.

Many went to new places and experience new things on their spring break trips.

“I went with some families from my church and I made memories, I surfed for the first time. I made a lot of new friends, they were the sweetest people ever,” Meara said.

Seniors enjoyed their last spring break trip before graduation.

“This was the best spring break ever because I was with all my close friends and it was really fun,” McDaniel said.