Malaysia Flight Conspiracy Theory

An Air Plane like the Malaysia plane

An Air Plane like the Malaysia plane

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

On March 8, 2014 flight 370 traveling  from Malaysia to Beijing went missing. The plane and all of the passengers have been missing four years now and nobody knows what happened.  Over 200 passengers were aboard the plane along with 12 crewmembers.

One of the theories according to Air and Space website the pilots got hypoxia, altitude sickness. This type of thing does not happen often when talking about pilots, but can be caused by air leaking on the plane, an electrical issue, or the pilots  forgot to turn on the pressurization.

Before the plane lost all communication the pilots communicating to air traffic control, telling them everything was going fine, but the last message the pilot seemed on edge and even said “Goodnight Malaysia “ according to

On March 13, Ty, a normal person, posted a recording of a crypict voicemail. The voicemail used NATO phonetic alphabet, which is what the military uses to communicate. After Ty posted this video the Twitter world blew up. The message translated to this “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS”. The voicemail also leaves coordinates for Ty to view. The coordinates were “0442933964230” .

After Ty did some research he found that the coordinates lead near where the Malaysia flight disappeared. Ty posted this on Twitter and then got some very suspicious messages, including  one stating in arabic “End the post you just shared about the recording on your phone.”

This has started a train of even more conspiracy theories, the most popular being from Shane Dawson according to The video, on April 4 2018 and has almost 9 million views.

According to Ty later received a message saying “They are taking over 41818”. Meaning that April 18, 2018 some unhuman like is taking over our world.

Eventually Ty had to deactivate his Twitter page due to death threats and homophobic slurs. Ty since then has changed his Twitter handle and has earned 40,000 new followers.