Is “One Size Fits All” Clothing Accurate?

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

One size fits all is a tag that we see labeled on most clothing brands now a days. The biggest one size fits all brand that has controversy popping up all over the world is Brandy Melville. Brandy Melville is a California based brand, where all there clothing is one size fits all. Their demographic is pointed towards teenage girls and include a wide variety of clothing styles like jeans, tracksuits, shorts, tops, jackets, etc.

But is the stigma of a company assuming that “one size fits all” really accurate? Everyone has a different body shape and type, not every piece of clothing will flatter everyone’s figure.

“The problem here, as has been addressed by a number of furious women, is that one size does not, in fact, fit all—or most, or even many. The one size that is available at Brandy Melville is a size that restricts itself to small-chested and smaller-waisted girls exclusively,” according to

The brand has been gettin backlash stating that their one size all policy is false, only targeting to smaller girls. Ever since this uprising, Brandy Melville has soon put on their website that the sizes are just “small”.

But what does the word “small” depict? How do we label who and what is small and who and what are not? Many are still outraged that this popular clothing brand still only caters to smaller waist and chested women rather than making larger sizes.

All one size fits all brands should be banned and not sold. It is obviously a scam and almost lies because the brand as well as the buyers know this is not true. If a clothing brand wants to make products for people to enjoy, they should try and hit all body sizes to make everyone content in what they are buying and wearing.