What’s Going On With the Missouri Governor?


Eric Greitens Photo Credits to: www.wpsdlocal6.com/

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is currently facing allegations of an  invasion of privacy indictment, alleging he took and transmitted a nonconsensual photo of a woman in March 2015, before he was elected as  governor.


“I don’t have a definite position in regards to the photo, I wouldn’t put it past him but I haven’t seen the photo. However, the computer fraud is a serious allegation with concrete evidence and I believe he should resign,” freshman Ben Hostetter said.


Greitens is set to go on trial May 15. The Missouri House committee released a report with a word from the woman involved with Greitens. The woman said he had sexually assaulted her in several ways on more than one encounter.


The invasion of privacy case does seem like a ‘witch hunt.’ The whole case seems to be thrown together and in my opinion should be dismissed due to numerous missteps by the prosecutor.  The action of infidelity does not affect his ability to govern. The circus that prosecuting attorney has created is affecting his ability to govern,” teacher Richard Brown said.


Greitens has spoken openly to the public regarding the allegations and has made it publically known that he is not interested in making the situation political.


“If he did the things that he is being charged for, he needs to resign immediately and spare Missouri from a long and unnecessary scandal,” English teacher Erica Wagner said.


Some are speculating Greitens’ abilities to govern, and some politicians even calling for his impeachment.


“His poor judgement is affecting his ability to correctly run the state. Impeach him so there are no more problems,” freshman Hayden Grone said.


Greitens has faced few legal repercussions so far through his first trials.


“This directly reflects his point of view and lack of respect for individuals, which is a political aspect as a leader and representative for the people. A good governor is completely transparent about themself. They can relate to and care about the common man, and aspire to make their state the best they can through clever allocation of funds and introduction of populist, enriching bills/programs,” Hostetter said.


More on the Greitens court case will be available near the end of May.