Abby Lee Miller Surgery

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

The famous “Dance Moms” coach, Abby Lee Miller, went into surgery April 17. After injuring her back and undergoing life changing surgery to remove non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,  cancer.

“I heard she had cancer but i never knew she got surgery. I feel really bad. Nobody deserves to have cancer or any type of fatal illness,” junior Phoebe Mitchell said.

Miller went to prison July 12, 2017, for tax evasion. The dance moms coach claimed she did not hide any money from the IRS, according to

“Her being arrested shows that shows that she should have been more careful about everything she was doing,” sophomore Sarah Friend said.

The show “Dance Moms” ended October of 2017, and reportedly the cast has not spoken to Abby since the show ended. Abby released videos of herself crying about her “family” not coming to wish her goodbye, according to

“The cast was done with her from the day she went to jail. I do not think they will care about what’s going on with her,” junior Savannah Tracy said.

Abby’s teaching methods made her unpopular with fans. She was rude and many felt treated the girls with little respect. But according to she was very surprised when the girls did not reach out when they heard about the surgery.

“I agree with some of the methods but at the same time she’s not actually the one teaching the girls she just owns the place. I feel like she could improve on her teaching methods, but at the same time they must work,” Friend said.