MyDol App Review

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

MyDol, is an app for girls to talk to lots of their favorite KPop, also known as Korean Pop, band members. The app became widely popular.

“I tried to use the app, just to see what the hype was”, junior Andie Coates said.

The app has gotten some bad reviews, especially girls who use the app for a long period of time have noticed that the “bots’ got creepy”. The bots would tell the girls “they looked pretty eating popcorn”, according to

“I think the app should be removed, because it has been causing more harm than good”, senior Savannah Gaast said.

The app requires a camera for access to the “facetime” option. Knowing that some have been wearly about allowing the app to access their camera.

“I did not allow the app to get access to my camera, I usually do not allow many apps to have that access. Anyone could be watching me at any time. I am not comfortable with that,” junior Ashley Bertillo said.

The app overall has also had lots of complaints from mothers, one stating “the app is dangerous and can bring more harm to others than good. I will not allow my daughter to keep this app on her phone,”according to iTunes.