Sydney Ellis, Junior

Just like waves crashing down

On crushed bits and dust rips

Tumbling and Tearing

at the seams

Washing away what once was

Wiping out every part of its existence

Recreating Its bones

Being careful of the

make-up and marrow

Repairing its own flesh and blood

Melanin in great detail

Sprinkled with freckles and birthmarks

Birthmarks like ancient scars

Laughter of children before

And foolishness of new experience

Fresh ideas and original thoughts occur

Loss and absence

winding in and out

Pressure accumulating and continuing

Circles of allies retracting and expanding

Collections of tribes for ceremony of unions

Replications of spirit

Through merging of souls

Energy shifting

Contorting to time

Whispers of seasons before

And seasons to come

Impressions of similar faces

At rest and relaxation

Feeling as a whole

Being at one

Realizing the flame has become an ember

Slowly losing light

Returning to the state of barren beings

Only existing as vibrations of light

Wandering and searching for life