Arethra Franklin Death


An image of the artist

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Many students were not sure who Aretha Franklin was prior to reports of her death. However, in her career, she had many chart toppers.

One of her most famous songs is “Respect.” This song has been in many movies, including “Deck the Halls”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and “Forest Gump.”

“I used to listen to the Bill Nye version about recycling. I am sad that she is dead,”senior Ashlyn Helton said.

Franklin  died August 16 of advanced pancreatic cancer. After she had dealt with health issues for many years, due to her weight and cancer complications. Many people have paid their respects by doing tributes or simply by sending a Tweet.

“[Franklin] helped define the American experience,” Former President Barack Obama tweeted.

During a nine hour memorial service, Franklin’s friend, Whoopi Goldberg brought attention to the fact that Franklin’s dying wish was not being fifiled. Franklin wanted clean water for her hometown Michigan. In 2016, it was brought to the Governors attention that the water was a threat to thousands.  

“Aretha was very upset…to discover that people are no longer giving water to the folks in Flint, Michigan and she wanted [Judge Greg Mathis] to take care of it. ‘Handle it!’”  Whoopi Goldberg told her audience on Wednesday.

A service was held on August 19, and the family slammed pastor at the funeral for discussing black on black crime and how African American females are treated in the world. The family said that it was disrespectful, at her funeral and it should focus on her.

“I hate that the pastor turned it into such a controversial topic when all the family wanted to do was mourn their loved one. It could also be considered selfish of the family to not look at what Franklin did with her life,” junior Megan Walkenhorst said.

This recent passing of the Queen of Soul has left many sad, confused and angered. But her music will forever live on in those who she touched.