Homecoming Ticket Prices

Michaela Broder, Reporter

Homecoming ticket prices started at $15 in 2017, and then the price raised after the first few days to $17 to 18 where it remained until the dance. This year the ticket price was raised by three dollars; the funds will be used to help support the student council this year.

“Due to the shortage of funds last year, we had to raise ticket prices. Homecoming tickets are the main source of our funds for the entire year. Student council gets absolutely no funds from the school. All of the money we spend during the year is raised by us. Anything that isn’t used this year will be carried over to the following year. This year if we could raise $5,000 we will most definitely be set for the entire year and possibly some of next year as well, ” sponsor Jim Andrzejewski said.

There were mixed opinions on this change. 

“I understand why they raised the price. Although they should have kept the price the same, for the early bird special and then raised the price to $20. Even though it is a larger price leap, it could still bring in the necessary funds they are wishing to produce,” sophomore Chelsea Hahn said.

The homecoming theme for this year is Monopoly, this means the decor is most likely to be more flashy. Funds will also go to things like food and the DJ. Last year the food was very basic, cookies and punch. Hopefully this year they will extend the list a little bit.

“If they have more stuff and overall it makes the year better, then, by all means, they should do it. If not, they need to explain what the money they are raising is going towards, and why and how that will affect the student body. Overall, they just need to support their reasoning for doing it,” sophomore Kobe King said.