Why Netflix Has Been Making More Originals

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Netflix’s strategy for original content has shown, on occasion, that the streaming service values quantity over quality.

Last year, the company notably released the Will Smith-led fantasy movie “Bright” into a critical bloodbath. But Netflix CEO Reed Hastings soon brushed off the negative reviews by calling the film a commercial success and critics “disconnected from the mass appeal.”

There are some truly great Netflix Original movies and television shows such as “Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why,” since Netflix taken it upon themselves to start producing original content, according to an article from Reuters.com.

The thing that Netflix aspires to, and which HBO already has, is an exclusive library of shows. If everything goes according to plan, then the Netflix of the future will be something people feel that they have to subscribe to, on the grounds that it’s the only place where they can find shows.

Not many people sign up to Netflix for one popular show. However, when there are dozens of television shows that people feel like they are missing out on, that is when people sign up.

At that point, not only does Netflix provide something for everybody; it also becomes the only place to watch certain shows with cultural-touchstone status. According to the article, the audience doesn’t care whether Netflix makes money: they just want great shows to be produced. If they like House of Cards and Arrested Development, they should be very heartened: there’s going to be a lot more new shows where those ones came from.