Moon Landing… Real or Fake?


Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Did NASA actually land on the moon in 1969? Or was it all a hoax to make America seem superior to the Soviet Union? A popular conspiracy theory is that Apollo 12 did not actually land on the moon. Many believe that NASA staged the whole thing, as this theory has been cycling since the 1970’s. In 1980, the Flat Earth Society accused NASA of faking the landings.

NASA has lost all original footage of the moon landing and destroyed the equipment that played the original footage. Motivation for the United States to engage the Soviet Union in a Space Race can be traced to the then ongoing Cold War. Landing on the Moon was viewed as a national and technological accomplishment that would generate world-wide acclaim. But, going to the moon would be risky and expensive, as exemplified by President John F. Kennedy famously stating in a 1962 speech that the United States chose to go, because it was hard.

Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA faked the landings to avoid humiliation and to ensure that it continued to get funding. NASA raised “about $30 billion” to go to the Moon, and Kaysing claimed in his book that this could have been used to “pay off” many people.

Some state that there was no blast crater left on the moon and NASA told people the gravity would not allow a blast crater. The flag flapping in the wind even when there is no gravity.  Yet the camera angle is weird on the camera angle and the footprint does not match Neil Armstrong.

To read more about this theory check out Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel and click “creepy videos”.