MLB Offseason: Early Rumors Swirling

Josh Calloni, reporter

The MLB season has ended, with the Red Sox winning the World Series. Now, the focus shifts to the offseason, and early rumors are already swarming.

Starting off with the biggest two free agents that have hit the market in recent years, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Machado has, apparently, deterred teams away from him with his antics this postseason. After having multiple dirty slides into second against the Brewers, and spiking both Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar, and Red Sox first baseman Steve Pearce in the World Series. The Yankees, and their GM Brian Cashman, have said they are now, “lukewarm” on Machado, after being in on him earlier this season. Other teams that are at least interested in the star shortstop include the Phillies and the Dodgers, but more teams will almost certainly come as the offseason chugs on.

“This offseason will be very exciting. I just hope the Cardinals can get a star, and some other help on the team,” junior Zach Russell said.

As for Harper, there aren’t many definite rumors. He is expected to get one of the biggest contracts in league history, given his age and talent. But, the teams that can spend the most, the Yankees and Dodgers do not have the need for an outfielder. Some teams, like the Braves, Phillies, Cardinals and Nationals have the hole in the outfield, and could all use the star. Money is not the biggest concern with these teams either. However, if they sign Harper to a, say, 35 million dollar deal, it could become an issue. With both of these stars though, the biggest unknown is what rebuilding teams could do. Teams like the Padres and White Sox, who are a few years away from contending, for example. They have huge prospects with major upsides working their way through the minor league system. A star like Machado and Harper could solidify their teams further, and make a good team into a dynasty.

As for the rest of the market, no major rumors have come about. The biggest wait of the offseason is the one to see of Dodgers ace, and potential future hall of famer, Clayton Kershaw, opts out of his contract. The deadline to do so is this evening, and if he does, the free agent market could change for the better. Most Dodgers fans, however, are calling for Kershaw to opt out. All over the social media world, after the tough loss and poorly pitched game in the last game of the world series, fans seem to have had enough of Kershaw in LA.

“Kershaw is awful. He is out of his prime and needs to get that into his head. He needs to leave LA,” junior Tommy Flores said.

With the offseason freshly underway, who knows what could happen. One thing is for sure, however. No matter how many rumors swirl the next few days, no contracts can be signed by major league free agents until November 2nd, which is after the customary five day wait after the World Series.