Juice Wrld New Album

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Juice Wrld have become a popular sensation. With their first album being on top of iTunes charts for two weeks, according to applemusic.com. The rapper dropped his newest album Oct. 19.

“This album is not as good as [Goodbye and Good Riddance]. I feel like they had the one hit album and now they are just going down the drain,” freshman Caiden Moore said.

“Fine China” by Juice Wrld has been on the charts at number five, according to iTunes.com, and is the only song on this album to make it to the charts.

“Fine China has swept into the school, when it dropped I feel like everyone was listening to it,” junior Emily Low said.

Juice Wrld is a Chicago-area hip hop artist who was found by Post Malone, “Posty”  on Twitter. Before Posty Wrld uploaded his songs to Youtube and he was not getting that much attention.

“Juice Wrld sounds so much like Post, it makes sense that he found him on Youtube. After Post tweeted about him, I fell in love and I felt bad for not listening to his music sooner,” Moore said.

The rapper, Future, collaborated with Wrld to create this album and has all of Juice Wrlds techno-mulitcolor aspects, according to Rollingstone.com. The new album is named for the controversial judicial system in America. The first video the rapper made was about African-American teens going to prison and white teens going to a prep school.

“I think the message behind this album is fantastic. Kids are being profiled for race all over the United States and it is sad. I hate that kids feel that they do not have a place in the world because of their race” freshman Collin Ragsdale said.