Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

The couple, who got engaged after two weeks, no longer have contact with each other. Pop sensation Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called their engagement off in October.

“I love their relationship, but they rushed into the engagement way too quickly. I do not feel like that was going to last anyway. I hate the way Pete acted about Mac’s death, Ari had to do something,” sophomore Peyton Klaesner said.

Grande and Davidson called it quits due to Grande’s ex boyfriend, Mac Miller, who died September 7. Davidson reportedly texted Miller hurtful things about him never getting back with Ari, according to, and resented the tribute Grande posted on Instagram.

“If my current boyfriend ever texted those things to an ex we would have serious problems, and if he ever resented something I did for an ex who passed we would break up,” junior Anslee Cosman said.

The couple after weeks of being together got multiple matching tattoos. The two have been seen trying to cover these tattoos up. Davidson covered his “Dangerous Women” tattoo with a heart.

“Getting matching tattoos is such a bad idea. Unless you know you will be together forever do not get them, also saying you’re going to be together forever is different than actually being together,” Klaesner said.

Grande recently dropped “Thank you, Next”,  a song dedicated to all of her ex-boyfriends. In the song she says everything that she was taught from the bo’s and everything she knows what not to do in the future. Social media has blown up with the quote “thank you to Malcolm, he is an angel”, the lyric in the song is dedicated to her boyfriend Mac Miller. Davidson also did a Saturday Night Live skit telling the world that he is forever grateful for his time with Grande, and he will always love her.