Supreme & North Face


Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Supreme has become a popular fad throughout this year. Now, the clothing company has announced its newest collaboration: North Face. The two of them are creating looks using the cold-weather gear aspect of North Face and the designs of Supreme.

“Supreme makes dope clothes, but this colab does not make me want to buy their product. The designs are ugly and have no originality, it is just a bunch of colors thrown onto a coat,” sophomore Adam Lukeitmier said.

The collection consists of a packable Taped Seam Coaches Jacket, Taped Seam Pant, packable Reversible Crusher, Lightweight Day Pack, packable Flyweight Duffel Bag and Taped Seam Stormbreak 3 Tent.   

“I like the designs on the jackets and I really love all the colors being used. Even if the designs were ugly people would still buy them because having a [Supreme] means your cool” sophomore Reyd Schmidt said.

The price for this collection has not been released, but Supreme is known for having overly expensive clothing and accessories. An average Supreme hoodie costs 158 dollars, an average North Face coat costs $75, this collection will not be cheap.

“I do not mind the price, if I like the designs I will pay the ridiculous price,” Schmidt said.

The collection is set to drop Spring 2018 and will be available in stores June 7.