First Snow Day in Three Years

Michaela Broder, Reporter

The first snow day of the 2018-2019 school year was November 15 due to the expected inclement weather that was expected. Somewhere between five and seven inches of snowfall was received and this left many families inside their homes, not able to make it work due to all of the snowfall in just their driveways themselves.  Many students took to the streets to make a little extra cash by shoveling their neighbor’s driveways, which many older citizens appreciate due to the fact that not everyone is near as mobile as high school students.

“After shoveling my own driveway I went to several different houses and charged accordingly based on the size of the driveways. Some were worse than others but it is a good chance to go out and make a little extra money in this cold snowy weather,” junior Britton Bortner said.

 Although when weather like this decides to turn its head, there are sometimes to be car accidents and slips and falls due to ice leading to other injuries. Throughout the extent of our bad weather many cars along the highways have spun out, and school districts aside from just the Wentzville R-IV school district decided that canceling school would be the best idea for the safety of the students and staff.

“This is one of those things that almost all teachers and students appreciate, they get to sleep in, stay home and relax, and of course eat a non-school meal,” junior Ethan Wilson said.

Though schools have specific plans which often to prevent full school days, for example, two hour late starts. In the uncommon event in which there is a full snow day, the school district adds that snow day to the end of the year which often changes final dates and the last day of school obviously.

“This is one of the things that no one likes to hear from a teacher after a school day, the first day back from a snow day that’s often all the teachers talk about. No student neither a  teacher wants to hear that they have to stay at school even longer than they originally planned,” junior Joshua Higginbotham said.

However, this was our first snow day in the past three years. At the moment most Missourians are confused on whether or not this weather will be maintained or if it will go back to our usual and fairly dry winters.