St. Louis’ Push for a 3rd Major Sports Team


Josh Calloni, Reporter

Since the Rams left, St. Louis has been rumored around to be getting a new 3rd major sports team, but what has really come out of all of it?

First of all, the first sport that has had rumors is the NBA. Basketball had rumors of sending the New Orleans Pelicans to St. Louis by 2021, according to multiple sources on Twitter. However, that plan has since fell through and fell off the table. The last time St. Louis had an NBA team was 1968 when the Hawks were here before relocating to Atlanta. The Hawks did not have a long tenure here either, to be fair, as they were only in St. Louis for 13 years.

“I’d be interested in an NBA team. I think it would be cool to see, something fresh and new in St. Louis,” junior Colby Ackley said.

Secondly, a new NFL team has been rumored multiple times, first of all the Jacksonville Jaguars being rumored to be relocated to play in the dome back in 2015, but like the Pelicans, this rumor fell through. More recently, the freshly located Los Angeles Chargers have been again rumored to move again, this time to St. Louis. It has now been three years since the Rams left, and now the city is clearly involved in receiving a new NFL team. With the Rams departure, the Edward Jones Dome has sat nearly empty since, besides from conventions and other meetings being held there. On top of this, new generation football, XFL forming in 2020, has said they want St. Louis on their map. The XFL has confirmed St. Louis as one of their first cities they would like to move to, and will later name the team.

“I hear that were getting an XFL team if that league ends up forming in 2020. I am not sure if that is really what the town considers another ‘major’ sports team, but it’s something I guess. An NFL or NBA team would be very good. Especially if we want to establish ourselves as a major sports town, we really need ¾ major sports leagues,” junior Brendan Hemby said.

Finally, the sport that has confirmed an addition to come to St. Louis is MLS, professional soccer. Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has made strong push to get MLS here, and the city has already starting developing plans to build an MLS stadium. The bill on the stadium will be passed by the end of January, and if it passes, it will most likely mean that MLS will be moving to St. Louis. Professional soccer has not been here since 2000.

“I think a third major sports team would be good for St. Louis. Something to appeal to more people. The Cardinals are obviously a huge thing here, as are the Blues, to a lesser degree however. A third team would be a good mix to balance it out and establish the city as a sports town. Soccer looks like what’s coming, but a new football or basketball team would be cool,” freshman Johnny Ohlms said.

The fund for the stadium, if built, has not been reported if it will be taxpayer money or privately funded.