Freshman Softball Team Dynamics


Alyssa Biles

Lexi Moore, a member of C Team softball.

Corynn Argent, Reporter

Freshman softball is not just the lesser version of softball at Timberland, but it is a working unit of young players who support each other.

The freshman softball team, also known as the C team, is not only an opportunity to participate in a school sport, but also an opportunity for learning to work with a group.

Being on the freshman softball team at THS was a blessing to me… It showed me what it’s like to be an athlete but having team leadership, confidence, positivity, effort, sportsmanship and communication,” freshman Taylor Flores said.

While there are certain divide between the C team up through the Varsity team, the freshman team does their best to behave as a single unit, according to Assistant Coach Paige Abert.

“When able, we love to join the varsity team with tournaments and games to be a part of the team,” Abert said.

The hardest period in a freshman’s time in high school is finding the people who will be the most supportive, and the freshman softball team is one of the many athletic teams to help find those who will be a unit, according to freshman Bella Schlueter.

“The freshman team is a very close knit group of girls and we are all very close. I love being on the team, because it is like playing with your best friends, and if you make a mistake on the field, they just pick you back up,” Schlueter said.

The honor of being a part of a great softball program is not just reserved for the athletes, but also for the success the coaches see in their teams, according to Coach Bradley Schellert.

The most satisfying part of coaching is being able to affect a child’s life every day. I love the growth that players make through their four years in high school and take pride when they remember the good times after they have graduated,” Schellert said.

The amount of time and effort shown by these athletes is astounding and the work ethic makes it not just a joy but an honor, according to Abert.

I love coaching, and it is an honor to be a part of the program and be able to coach alongside the other coaches as well as coaching the girls. They are such a great group of kids,” Abert said.

Softball  gives freshmen the chance to compete against other schools and make great friends, according to Flores.

“I was very excited to be on the team, because it gave me a chance to play some challenging teams from other schools. I think it was very fun with the girls and getting to know each one of them better,” Flores said.