Cardinals Showing Interest In Two Relievers


Hayden See, Reporter

The MLB offseason is underway, and the Cardinals are looking for help in the bullpen.

The two names the Cardinals have been linked to most frequently on the reliever market are Zach Britton and Andrew Miller. Both of the lefties are in their thirties, with Britton being 31 and Miller at age 33. Additionally, they each had an ERA+ above 100. Britton had an ERA+ of 143 while Miller came in at 104 at the conclusion of the year.

“Either one of them would be a good signing in my opinion,” junior Blake Haffer said.

In 2018, Andrew Miller pitched to a 4.24 ERA, barely above league average, although his FIP of 3.51 shows he got a little unlucky. As for Britton, his ERA in 2018 was 3.10. He split his time between Baltimore and New York last season. His FIP of 4.22 reveals that Britton got some luck in terms of runs scored in 2018.

“Britton is younger, so I lean towards him because of that, but I would also be happy if Miller signed a one to two year deal,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

Miller and Britton have both had their injury problems. Miller was limited to only 34 innings because of recurrent shoulder issues. Britton suffered a torn achilles tendon last offseason, and may still be recovering. The tear was not on his plant foot, so it does not affect him as heavily.

“Both of their recent injury problems worry me a bit. The Cardinals need a bullpen arm really bad though. I would take the risk,” junior Jack Ives said.

Both of the lefties are considered among the best relievers in the game by league executives. Now the only question is where they are headed.