Defence Secretary James Mattis Resigns

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

Secretary of Defence James Mattis has resigned from office, following the Attorney General and numerous other cabinet officials who have resigned from the Trump administration during its first two years. Mattis’ resignation came on the heels of Trump administration officials leaking that the president was planning to remove all troops from Syria in the imminent future.

The resignation of Mattis is just one of many that have occurred in the two years Trump has been in office. National security advisor Mike Flynn, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon, secretary of health and human services Tom Price, secretary of state Rex Tillerson, FBI Director Andrew McCabe, secretary of veterans affairs David Shulkin, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, UN ambassador Nikki Haley, and attorney general Jeff Sessions are other notable firings and resignations.

The resignation followed a Trump official leaking that there were plans in place to imminently withdraw all US forces from Syria and a tweet by Trump in which he claimed that ISIS had been defeated. After the resignation of Mattis, it was announced that the military has been ordered to plan to withdraw around half of all US forces from Afghanistan, a country the US has had a constant presence in since the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Numerous members of Congress have already weighed in on the resignation, including republican senator from Florida Marco Rubio who tweeted, “It makes it abundantly clear that we are headed towards a series of grave policy errors which will endanger our nation, damage our alliances & empower our adversaries.” Democratic senator from Virginia Mark Warner, who is the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee, also weighed in tweeting, “this is scary. Secretary Mattis has been an island of stability amidst the chaos of the Trump administration.”