NFL Playoffs

Josh Calloni, Reporter

`The NFL playoff bracket is underway, and there have been multiple very good postseason games already.

The Wild Card Round was highlighted by the Eagles and Bears, the final game of that weekend. The Eagles controlled the game until the 4th quarter, where they held onto a tight one point lead at the two minute warning. The Bears marched the ball down field, and lined up for what would of been a game winning field goal. However, the kick by Cody Parkey was tipped by Eagles DT Treyvon Hester, and went off the goal post, and hit the bottom, before bouncing down into the end zone, and the Eagles won the game. They will go on to face the Saints.

The Colts played the Texans in the second wild card matchup; this was a game Indianapolis controlled from the start, winning 21-7. They will go on to play the Chiefs.

“The Bears were so close it was very frustrating to watch the kick go just around the goal post, not once but twice. Very defeating feeling as a Bears fan,” junior Jacob Spudich said.

The Chargers held on against the Ravens by a score of 23-17. The Ravens came back to score 14 in the 4th quarter, but when making one last drive to try to take the lead and win, rookie QB Lamar Jackson, the youngest QB to start a playoff game, was sacked by linebacker Uchenna Nwosu, and the Ravens run was ended. The final of the four wild card games was won by the Dallas Cowboys over the Seattle Seahawks, in which QB Dak Prescott led a late game comeback for Dallas, scoring 14 in the 4th quarter to win.

“I have watched the NFL Wild Card games, and they were really entertaining. The Chargers and Ravens game was crazy, as was the Bears and Eagles game. Cody Parkey really messed up for Chicago with the missed kick, regardless if the Eagles tipped the ball or not. Overall, I expect to see the Chiefs win the superbowl,” junior Jose Bautista said.

The divisional round of the playoffs have also come and gone, the Chiefs beat the Colts by a score of 31-13 and will play the Patriots in the Conference Finals. Those same Patriots laid into the Chargers, beating them by a score of 41-28. That game will be played in Kansas City this weekend. The Rams beat the Cowboys 30-22, and will now play the Saints, who defeated the Eagles on an dropped pass Alshon Jeffery, which was then intercepted. The final score was 20-16. That game will be played in New Orleans this weekend as well.  

Super Bowl LIII will be in Atlanta, Georgia this year in the Mercedes-Benz Dome, and will be played on Sunday, February 3.