Britney Spears Deep Voice

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Britney Spears is known by many for singing in a high pitched voice, but what some do not know is she used to sing with a deep voice. How did she go from a deep voice to a super high pitched voice.

Spears is often singing to a track. So maybe the reason for that is she can not sing that high and she needs her sound people to make the song faster so she sounds like a chipmunk.

Spears used to perform on Disney, and she would knock the socks off a crowd with her deep voice, nobody understood how such a little girl could produce such a powerful voice; according to

Spears does not talk with a high pitched voice so how does she sing with one? It makes no sense that a girl from the deep south with a strong southern accent sings so high.

A recent video Spears posted on Instagram of her singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley and the video includes iconic Spears voice, but the video effects are off. The video looks like it was sped up and things are going too fast. Conspiracy Theorist Shane Dawson had the opportunity to slow down the video and the outcoming was shocking. Spears looked normal and her voice sounded like it used to on Disney.

To look more into this conspiracy theory check out Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos.