Apple’s New Subscription Service

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Apple is planning to launch a new subscription service for news,they will reportedly take a 50 percent cut of the subscription fee.

“It’s a cool concept and may even spark another company to do the same, but I don’t see it working for the younger people who get all their news from TV or Twitter,” junior Melissa Rogge said

The service will allows the subscribers to view an unlimited number of articles for a monthly fee,it will reportedly launch later this year via the Apple News app, which comes preloaded with iPhones. Apple will likely reveal more details about the service at an event set for March 25, per BuzzFeed News.

“Lots of people now don’t read the news, they either watch it or don’t, Apple will probably have to cancel this service after the first 3 months,” sophomore Brenden Price said.

Many publishers have concerns for the service such as, Revenue potential may be marginal. The more publishers that come onto the service, the less that each publisher stands to make, Signing up for the service could risk cannibalizing publishers’ own subscriptions business, Publishers may have to devote new resources to managing the partnership.

“Seems like a cool way to get news and will probably be very successful, it adds a cool aspect to new being that its from Apple,” sophomore Connor Jeffreyes said.

Apple can still provide publishers with an offer unrefusable, especially with publishers that don’t offer a subscription service already. Apple owns 60 percent of the US smartphone market, and there are 1.3 billion active Apple devices, This could draw in amazing revenue for Apple and the publishers.