MLB Discusses Possible Rule Changes

Josh Calloni, Reporter

The MLB has come together with the players union to discuss a slew of potential rule changes moving forward into 2019.

First, the league wants to implement a universal Designated Hitter into baseball. This would mean that the DH would not just be in the AL, but the NL too. This change would be set into effect this season if passed, and would entirely change the way the game is played with strategy. They would extend the 25 man active roster to 26, and they would set a limit on the amount of pitchers on a roster at 12. That would mean 14 position players would be active on all rosters as well.

“I think the new rule changes would change the MLB in a positive way. The DH could really make the league diverse and give more players an opportunity. I think that the 26 man roster and DH have the best chance of becoming reality against say, a 3 batter faced rule,” junior Therie Moore said.

Next up, the league wants to add a three batters faced minimum for all pitchers. What this means is that when a pitcher enters a game before being removed, he has to face at least three batters. This is a bigger change on the relievers than the starters, however. The strategy of the bullpen would be almost eliminated, and a certain role, the LOOGY, would be meaningless. This role, meaning Left-Handed One Out Guy, is when a left handed reliever comes in to face usually one lefty, and is taken out of the game. The new rule, if added, would change every LOOGY’s role on any team.

“I do not think the three batters faced rule is a smart idea. It takes away from the strategy of the game which most fans love,” junior Adam Polly said.

Finally, there are additional rules being added, but of much less extent. A study will be conducted this season on mound height and distance, to which could be changed. Also, a new rule about pitch clocks, meaning a 20 second limit between pitches, could be added this season. A new trade deadline could be added during the all star break, and August trades could be taken away. Finally, a rule for exhibition games, spring training and the All Star game, would start a runner on second base for every extra inning game.

“I like the DH rule. It would make a huge difference on the national league this year,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

There has been no further traction on any of these rules being put into effect.