Woolsey Fire Conspiracy

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

A number of theories emerged following last year’s California fires, claiming that burn patterns seen in some photos could only be explained by targeted lasers, which must have been operated by terrorist groups, the U.S. government, aliens or some other agitated party. These lasers, supposedly, were shot at California from either planes or spaceships, perhaps unmanned drones, for reasons that were not entirely clear.

Some have claimed California’s recent wildfires were planned efforts by clandestine groups, such as the Illuminati or the New World Order, either as a show of force or in an effort to distract the mainstream media. A few websites claim the lasers from the above conspiracy theory are an Illuminati product.

Another theory is, someone deliberately started the Woolsey fire to take away from the “camp fire”. Since some think that the fires were started using lasers, the campfire was started with a laser as “target” practice and then to take away from the attention, the Woolsey fires were started, aa specific group, celebrities, some believe that the celebrities were affected the most because people pay more attention to what they are doing instead of regular people.  

Another theory is people believe that the Santa Susana field lab started these fires. In 1959, the lab was a nuclear plant that had a nuclear meltdown. Throughout the years, activists have been pressuring the government to cleanup the site and do tests to see if there is any nuclear waste. The government claims there is no nuclear waste going into the air and the contamination was cleaned up years ago.

Some think the plant is still in use and they had another major meltdown during tests, if the plant was still in use it would make sense as t why nobody is allowed near it and activists are not allowed to have their own tests going. If there was another meltdown it could have caused an explosion due to all the nuclear waste in the area and the new nuclear material in the labs.

The fires were contained in November and burned 96,949 acres of land. The laser theories seem to be a little far fetched but the nuclear waste plant theory could have happened. Chernobyl was evacuated due to nuclear waste in the air, all because a reactor had an explosion. So what is different about the Santa Susana explosion?