MLB The Show 19 Preview

Josh Calloni, Reporter

On March 26th, Sony San Diego Studios is set to release its annual addition of “MLB The Show.”

So far, the game has announced 30 brand new legend cards to diamond dynasty, some of which have been announced. Those include Jimmie Foxx, Ivan Rodriguez, Willie Mays and Christy Mathewson. On top of that, developers have released many new details about new fielding animations, with new diving and catching animations on the infield to prevent cheap infield hits online. As for hitting, new PCI coverage will be added into the game to reward players on good contact with power hitters. Finally, power hitters and contact hitters will be more balance, unlike they were in 2018. Also, two new game modes have been added, March to October and Moments, neither have not been explained yet.

“The game looks pretty good this year. I am not all into sports video games, but I might try it,” junior Adam Thomason said.

However, there has been much that has not been released. In years prior, some modes, including Franchise and Road to the Show, the games career mode, have been left untouched for the majority. Nothing has been announced with further changes to the game this year either for those game modes. On top of this, it has been announced that Online Franchise has been announced to not be returning through online forum posts by the developers.

“I plan on buying MLB The Show, because it really looks good this year. It seems like they have summed up all the big issues from years prior and made the game as good as it can get, at least for now.”  junior Evan Sanker said.

There are some things that have been teased, however. A new, yet to be named broadcaster will be calling games, a third new one in as many years. With that, new broadcasting elements such as stories in mid-game and personalized calls will be added, but to which extent is not yet known. Finally, the majority of the Diamond Dynasty game mode is unreleased, but will have many new features.

San Diego Studios streams developer content explaining on this weekly, which you can watch on Twitch. Pre-ordering for the game is available now through any retail store, and GameStop.