Los Angeles Lakers Stuggling

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently struggling through the regular season and are on the brink of missing the playoffs, after LeBron James activated “playoff mode”.

“The Lakers will find a way to make it to the playoffs. They have LeBron, so they can’t miss the playoffs,” junior Blake Lyerla said.

On February 21, LeBron James states he was “activating playoff mode” in order to get the Lakers to win and eventually make the playoffs. However, after this statement, the Lakers are underperforming with a record of three wins and seven losses.

“They just aren’t ready yet, it is clear because the young guys aren’t at the level of the best player,” junior Amare Johnson said.

Some of the reasons the Lakers are doing great are not visible. The Lakers have two injured players, Brandon Ingram the second man to James on the offensive end and Lonzo Ball who was one of the best defensive players on the team before his injury. Other reasons are very clear, however, such as the Lakers 33 percent shooting from three, and the fact that they are 16th in the league in points per game.

“They are young and they have LeBron, if they take their time they will be amazing within the next year or two, and maybe they can add some other stars to the team during free agency,” sophomore Josh Johnson said.