Live-streamed Mosque Shootings

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

A Facebook vice president said fewer than 200 people saw the Christchurch massacre while it was being streamed live on the site. But the video was viewed about 4,000 times before Facebook removed it, according to an article by

“It’s terrible that these things are not just happening in our country, but there is xenophobia everywhere,” junior Emily Cooley said.

Countless more views occurred in the hours afterward, as copies of the video proliferated more quickly than online platforms like Facebook could remove them.

“This is the first mass shooting ever recorded on live-stream… What if every mass killer live-streams their attacks? Is it just going to become normal for us to see slaughter when we turn on the news?” sophomore Kush Bhatnagar said.

Social media and video sharing sites have faced criticism for being slow to respond to the first-ever live-streamed mass shooting, recorded from the first-person perspective of the shooter, the camera seemingly mounted atop the killer’s helmet, according to the article.

“Facebook’s failure to be straight-forward with the public has just added to the mayhem that has ensued,” sophomore Grant McDaniel said.

The country’s chief censor has deemed the video “objectionable,” making it illegal to share it within the country. Currently, 50 are pronounced dead with dozens injured.