Measles Outbreak

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Cases of measles have been confirmed in 12 states. The states that have reported cases are, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

“This outbreak of measles is actually really scary. People who do not give their kids the measles vaccine are hurting their kids in the long run,” senior Jessica Calandrella said.

Measles is an extremely contagious virus. It can cause serious respiratory symptoms, fever and rash. In some cases, especially in babies and young children, the consequences can be severe.

“I hate that this disease is killing little kids. It could be stopped by a shot to prevent all of this, but instead parents pride is taking over and they are not vaccinating their kids,” Calandrella said.

Diane Peterson of the Immunization Action Coalition, a Minnesota nonprofit group, said “there is a growing consensus for state authorities to make the bold move to require all children to be vaccinated, with the only exception being those who cannot be given the vaccine for medical reasons,” according to the  

“This doc has created so many parents to just ignore the stuff their kids needs to be healthy. Parents are even using religion as an excuse to not vaccinate their kids for school. It is horrible.” junior Alexis Hoffman.

The U.S. controversy began with media attention on the alleged risks of 1982 documentary, “DPT: Vaccination Roulette”, described alleged adverse reactions to the immunization and minimized the benefits. A 1991 book titled “A Shot in the Dark” outline potential risks.As in the United Kingdom, UK, concerned and angry parents formed victim advocacy groups, but the counter response from medical organizations, like the Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was stronger in the United States.  Measles killed 110,000 people globally in 2017, mostly children under five, according to the