Tornados Rock Alabama

Josh Calloni, Reporter

Recently, an outbreak of tornadoes hit eastern Alabama and western Georgia, leaving lots of damage to cities in that area.

On March 3, two tornadoes touched down in Lee County, Alabama at just around 2 p.m. The tornadoes were said to have landed within a mile from each other, and were both F4 tornadoes. The town of Society Hill, Alabama was hit the hardest. The first tornado barely missed the city however when the unexpected second F2 tornado hit, it was directly in the vortex of the storm. The first tornado, then went over the state line into Georgia, tearing through Muscogee, Harris and Talbot counties in about a half an hour span, before dissipating.

“Two tornadoes hitting the same area in a matter of an hour is crazy to think about. There is no question about how scary that it would be to be faced with that,” junior Ian Lackinger said.

Currently, the death toll stands at 23 victims; their ages ranged from 6 to 89. On top of this, 90 more people were injured from the twisters. Four of which remain in the hospital in critical condition, but are still expected to make a full recovery, according to No official estimate on damage costs of the twisters have been released, though it is expected to be north of ten million dollars. Most of the damage cost comes from Society Hill, as the city was almost completely flattened.

“It is very unfortunate about all of the victims of the tornado,” junior Colin Elmer said.

The people of Society Hill of received an outpour of donations to help. The Poarch of Band Creek Indian Reservation put together $184,000 dollars to donate to the victims for funeral costs. Former NFL player DeMarcus Ware, who was from the area, donated $10,000. On top of this, nearly 1,500 different volunteers through the Red Cross have come to aid those in need, and Donald Trump even paid the area a visit, saying it was the worst he has ever seen.

Donations to the Red Cross foundation for this disaster relief, can be made by looking up Alabama Tornado into Google and clicking on their Donate Now button.