The Science of March Madness Brackets

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

March 21, marked the start of the NCAA Tournament, with 64 team fighting to cut down the nets, and win the championship, and it all starts with the tradition of the bracket.

“March Madness is my favorite time of year, everything in the tournament is random and there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling when your team wins,” junior Blake Lyerla said.

The bracket is what many fans use to try and predict the outcome of the tournament. Brackets can be made on many websites and their are also printable brackets.

“Im confident my bracket is perfect, everyone says that but I know it,” junior Peyton Mecker said.

Many fans make brackets to try and accurately predict the entire tournament and all the game outcomes, but now with the advancement of technology, there are computer programs to make brackets for people such as Sportsline proven computer model. The Sportline computer model has stimulated the tournament over 10,000 times, to make an accurate bracket prediction. Last year the proven projection model paced in the top five percent of all CBS brackets.

“My pick is Michigan State, they are my favorite team and have strong players, they’re seeded very high, and I’m confident they can win,” Lyerla said.

The Sportsline computer model says that the pick with the sharpest edge is number five in the Big East conference, the Marquette Golden Eagles, the Sportsline model says “look for the Golden Eagles to make a run into the sweet sixteen after a rough ending regular season”. The Golden Eagles also advance in 77 percent of Sportsline simulations.

“It doesn’t matter who wins, all I want to see is a 16 seed beat an eight seed,” junior Amare Johnson said.

Last year Villanova won it all in a 79-62 win over Michigan. According to Duke is the top picked team. They were picked 39.2 percent of the time, the next highest is North Carolina with 15.7 percent.